[WWI] lots of cool news/ was: New Company - ELF

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Feb 22 09:40:45 EST 2005

N! (now that Neil Crawford is visiting Brazil, who's the Southern one?)

> That's the 1915 version. 1918 is more 'Western Front'. Ditch a lot of the
> British equipment - keep the tin hat, maybe remove the putties...and paint
> the uniform a slightly darker colour than the British Khaki. Australian
> uniforms were woolen and thicker than the British versions...I think too, 
> it
> would be useful to find a reference for shoulder flashes which often 
> denoted
> the Battalion of the wearer... (I don't have one)...

Ah, too true. Should I alter the figure limbs to show lack of discipline, 
contempt for the authority and disregard of any military regulations? Or 
just position them running after shocked German troops wielding all kind of 
Which side of the Aussie hat is folded up? Why? 

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