[WWI] Twin-Boom Nieuport Hydro Pusher was: a morane saulnier pusher.....

iban ibancorp at tds.net
Tue Feb 22 01:37:21 EST 2005

according to mike fletcher, wwi aero did an article on this one, with a
corrected drawing, in issue #96, sept '83.  does anybody happen to have it


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Hi Iban

   I did reply to you this morning by hitting the reply button but the list
doesn't seem to like that these days.
   Leo's book has one picture of the Nieuport hydro pusher, likely the one
you've seen, and there is a short blurb but not much else.

   "Very little is known about a third seaplane design from the Nieuport
firm.  Built in 1912-1913, it was a large sesquiplane with a short central
fuselage for a crew of 2 or 3, and a 110 hp Salmson engine installed as a
pusher.  The tail surfaces were mounted at the ends of 2 long booms
fabricated of compressed paper.  The machine was reported to have been an
armoured design for military use only, eventually to mount a forward-firing
machine gun.  Only one was built and flown."

"(Span: (upper) 15m; (lower) 7m; length: 7.5m; wing area: 40 sqm;


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