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...me. Not connected in any way with Mike West, aside from being interested 
in WW1 aircraft. This post stolen from Hyperscale without a single thought 
for copyrights



Mike West/Lone Star Models
Junkers J-I Flying Furniture Van
Sun Feb 20, 2005 22:55

This kit is to be discontinued. I have enough brass sets for a few more then 
I will not sell anymore of them.

You get resin flying surfaces and seperate ailerons in resin, resin fuel 
tank/pilots seat, decals approx 50 etched parts, vac fuselage, white metal 
motor,prop,undercarriage, loaves of bread, carrier pigeons,Parrabellum MG 
and Gun ring.


Lone Star Models
13511 Greywood Dr.
Sugar Land Texas 77478

Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

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