[WWI] Possibly Silly Question

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 13:56:04 EST 2005

I agree with Will.  I used the Dullcoatin a spray can before I had an 
airbrush and it worked fine.  However, I alwys sprayed it outdoors because 
the fumes were strong and noxious.  With an airbrush available, I prefer 
Testors or Polyscale clear acrylics: I dilute with Windex and they are realy 
easy to clean and dry rapidly - drying can be speeded up with a hair dryer 
to permit multiple coats.


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>Neil Eddy wrote:
>Hi Neil:
>In addition to what Dennis and Earnest said, be sure that the dullcoat is 
>mixed thoroughly before spraying, that is until no more precipitate is 
>visible at the bottom of the bottle. Otherwise you may risk the finish 
>coming out glossy instead of flat.
>As an aside, for all the reasons stated I no longer use Testors Dullcoat. 
>The results are inconsistent and it is fairly messy to clean up. I have 
>found that the acrylic flat coats are much easier to work with, give 
>consistent results, and easier to clean up. Testors Acryl Flat and 
>Pollyscale are very good.
>IMHO, YMMV, blah, blah, blah...

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