[WWI] Added:Thomas-Morse S-4C Scout

Rita 320042010879-0001 at t-online.de
Mon Feb 21 10:33:52 EST 2005

Hi Matt,

it is indeed relatively quiet about the Thomas-Morse. As far as I know there are 
only 2 different color schemes. The well known olive/green over all with 
(sometimes) colorful engine cowlings and this grey Navy version. I'm not sure if 
there was any other color scheme for this plane.


Matt Bittner schrieb:
> On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:41:03 -0500, gm-admin at wwi-models.org
> wrote:
> >    Andreas Martin sent in photos of his
> > Thomas-Morse S-4C Scout,
> Nice!  Really, well done.
> There was something like over 400 of these built.  However, I
> have yet to find references for colors and such. Any ideas?  I
> have the TC Berg resin kit of this (which is superb) and was
> curious about color schemes.
> Matt Bittner

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