gender confusion, was Re: [WWI] Airfix Pup

Sean Brian Kirby acebuilder2003 at
Sun Feb 20 23:08:27 EST 2005

--- ernest thomas <reason108 at> wrote:

> That's easy. The males stand up when they pee.

"Gender" only properly refers to grammar. You mean
"sex," yes? ;)

(By the way - how's Mary Landreau?)

> PS: To make this this OT, I'm putting fictional
> markings on a pair of 
> fictional Vimy torpedo bombers. 

If they're fictional, how are they OT? :p

> The other two were wildly off-topic subjects for
YPH: a flying saucer and an anatomically detailed
leopard frog, with guts and all.

If that frog was born in 1916 - he'd be OT. :D


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