[WWI] Lother's Plane - 'Richthofen's Eleven'

Sean Brian Kirby acebuilder2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 22:45:25 EST 2005

--- Brad & Merville <bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca> wrote:

>    Which Kagero book is this?  I've got #2 on the
> DVII and the Kaiser's Aces 
> and neither of mine have a yellow DVII profile.  Is
> there a new Kagero book 
> out and if so would someone happen to have their
> website?

Ooh, now I get to ask you about the quality - or at
least content - of those books. Bobby here at Overlea
Hobbies had the Kagero part 2 Fokker D.VII book, and
this lovely 'Richthofen's Eleven - Jasta 11.' I walked
out with the latter. How good are the parts one and
two? Okay - I know they must be good. But the decal
options with part 2 - they are foreign, in the main,
yes? Lithuanian, Sovietski. I'd personally dig having
some of those Bolshevik bird markings in either scale.

This is not really a D.VII book I have here, but
rather, as noted, one on the famed Jasta Elf. It is
really nice. And I love being able to get dual-scale
decals with my books! :D I mean, how cool is that? 

If there would be one complaint about this book, it is
simply that several of the decal options are serials
one seems readily able to find in kit-form. But I
guess that's not a thoroughly valid complaint, as we
all do not have the same kits. 

Yes, y'all, if the subject interests you, I recommened
this book thoroughly. :)


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