[WWI] Airfix Pup

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 20 16:21:35 EST 2005

Thanks.  Yes, I've made the exhaust channel cut out.  I've built the Wallace 
& Gromit kit, see:



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>Hi Michael ;
>   I'm looking at the same photos, and # 56 seems to show something between 
>the landing gear legs, which looks like the cowl extension. The other 
>trainers are inconsistant; some have it some don't. I think you are safe 
>either way. One thing is certain : these aircraft went through constant 
>changes, especially trainers which were flown roughly and needed constant 
>     Also, don't forget to make the lower exhaust cutout that the Airfix 
>Pup lacks, and the rear fuselage mods.
>     My kids loved the Wallace and Gromit shorts, and I found the model of 
>the sidecar in airplane form, and built it for my daughter. It had no 
>control panel, so I had to make one, using the pause on the VCR to get a 
>good look at it in the movie and make some notes. I also had to do some 
>reworking on the oatmeal gun to make it swivel right. Otherwise it was a 
>great model, though quite expensive.
>                                          J.R. Boye

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