[WWI] Airfix Pup

mercyandhope at juno.com mercyandhope at juno.com
Sun Feb 20 16:06:59 EST 2005

Hi Michael ;
  I'm looking at the same photos, and # 56 seems to show something between the landing gear legs, which looks like the cowl extension. The other trainers are inconsistant; some have it some don't. I think you are safe either way. One thing is certain : these aircraft went through constant changes, especially trainers which were flown roughly and needed constant fixing.
    Also, don't forget to make the lower exhaust cutout that the Airfix Pup lacks, and the rear fuselage mods.
    My kids loved the Wallace and Gromit shorts, and I found the model of the sidecar in airplane form, and built it for my daughter. It had no control panel, so I had to make one, using the pause on the VCR to get a good look at it in the movie and make some notes. I also had to do some reworking on the oatmeal gun to make it swivel right. Otherwise it was a great model, though quite expensive.

                                         J.R. Boye

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