Guilty Secrets- Was Re: [WWI] Camouflaged IPMS meetings??

Neil Eddy steed_and_peel at
Sat Feb 19 23:14:31 EST 2005

Hi All;

Hmm.... Ross has discerned my guilty secret. An unfinished Pegasus Be2e. I
got about halfway through the build about a year ago and lost energy to
finish it. I find that short run kits take a fair amount of heavy
concentration to do them well, and at the time I just didn't have that....

One day I will restart it and finish it just to upset Ross. That does remind
me.... Ross what is the current build rate ratio between you and your girls?
Just how far in front of you are they now? And just how is that 1/16 Tiger I
scratchbuild going? ;-P

But just to comfort myself I can happily report just finishing a short run
ot A-model kit (probably even more short run than the Be2e) of a Sh___v S_4,
and after a bit of wrestling with struts its finished up quite well.....

Now back to the Special Hobby Pfalz D-XII.....


All the Best


Neil E

PS I actually do not tend to drink with other IPMS members, if I can't talk
about jets and armour, the conversation dies off very quickly..... and as
for the underpants I aint sayin nuffink......

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> So this morning as you are sitting at your model desk. Through hung over
> eyes you gaze at the struts of the BE2. You shudder at the rigging of
> this kit. You drop your gaze down to your lap. In horror you see that
> your undies are over your pants. Then it all comes back to you. Last
> night after the local IPMS meeting you and the members went on a Cane
> Toad Wine binge. Somehow during this outing those undies got out and
> over your pants without you taking them off. Yet you are afraid of the
> struts on the BE2. ;-)
> Cheers
> Ross
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> it may as well have been..... :-)
> Ahhh Chateau Inala.......
> ;-)
> Cheers
> Neil

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