[WWI] Columbus, OH IPMS contest

flapsup flapsup at fuse.net
Sat Feb 19 23:03:46 EST 2005

Hey Everyone,

    I just got back from attending the IPMS contest hosted by the Eddie Rickenbacker chapter in Columbus Ohio.  The WWI models (and Bipes) were represented in sufficient numbers to warrant a split from S/E prop.  I had my WWI list button on (Thanks John) but didn't meet any listees.  There were 2 models in this category in 32nd scale and the rest were 48th scale.  Types included 3 Albatrosses, 2 Dr. 1,  a Blue Max DH4, Roland C2, 2 Nieuports, an I-153, and a Morane.  This is the most I've seen in awhile at an IPMS event.  The 72nd scalers were around in smaller numbers and I am not sure if they were split.
    The vendors area was large and had a few OT items.  A fellow club member snagged a DML DVII  and SPAD 13 for $12 a piece.  A friend found the DML Fokker EV for me at $15 and sinceI couldn't remember what the new release price is for this kit,  I purchased it.  A book vendor was selling the 4+ Spad book for $19.  No new Roden or Eduard turned up for sale.  
    A nice new venue was used this year.  It allowed more room for vendors and contestants.  Location allowed easy access with plenty of dining choices near by.  The only complaint was poor lighting.  If you are close to the Ohio capital you may want to attend this one next year.  It is usually held in Feb.  I am not involved in this club and all the normal disclaimers apply.

Had Fun Today

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