[WWI] Camouflaged IPMS meetings??

Ross Moorhouse rossmoor at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 18 20:37:10 EST 2005

So this morning as you are sitting at your model desk. Through hung over
eyes you gaze at the struts of the BE2. You shudder at the rigging of
this kit. You drop your gaze down to your lap. In horror you see that
your undies are over your pants. Then it all comes back to you. Last
night after the local IPMS meeting you and the members went on a Cane
Toad Wine binge. Somehow during this outing those undies got out and
over your pants without you taking them off. Yet you are afraid of the
struts on the BE2. ;-)



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it may as well have been..... :-)

Ahhh Chateau Inala.......




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