[WWI] Sierra Scale vacs - a clarification

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 19:13:14 EST 2005

Michael says

>I referred to the Hansa Brandenburg C.1 Sierra Scale kit in disparaging 
>terms.  The manufacturer of said kit asked me what was "S****y" about it.  
>Fair enough.  Sierra Scale vacs are some of the best vacs around: up there 
>with a decent Roseplane or VLE Models.  When I said that, I meant that it 
>being a vac, and taking a lot of time and effort - scratchbuilding pieces 
>etc. - was really the problem.

I wondered about this at the time you wrote. In my experience Sierra vacs 
are as good as they get, at least in WW1 subjects, so I was surprised you'd 
found a kit to be all asterisky.

This makes more sense. As good as they are, they still require work not 
usually needed on an injection kit, though there are advantages and 
compensations of course.


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