[WWI] Sierra Scale vacs - Caudron drone

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Feb 18 17:00:00 EST 2005

>  Sierra Scale vacs are some of the best vacs around: up there with a 
> decent Roseplane or VLE Models.  When I said that, I meant that it being a 
> vac, and taking a lot of time and effort - scratchbuilding pieces etc. - 
> was really the problem.

I agree with Michael. Sierra Scale models are good quality vacs, and better 
yet, they bring some unique subjects in the market.
However, they're aimed to advanced modelers (wher I wrote advanced you can 
also read "anal") and need a bit of effort to fill in the blanks as well.
I'm doing research notes for the Caudron R.11.. The kit matches the FMP 
French Aircraft of WW1 book. But... the drawings need revision, as they 
doesn't portray the plane too well. I love the Sierra wings, but... I'm 
having trouble seeing that the rib count doesn't match the prototype (and I 
don't care about that too much) it shows some trouble because the wings 
lacks "riblets" on the leading edge and the engine nacelles wouldn't sit on 
a lower wing rib, but in one of the in-betweens, and below the nacelles I 
must mount the undercarriage structure, so I have two options....
1- add ribs and riblets over the beautifully formed kit ribs
2- re-skin the wings with embossed styrene with revised rib count/spacing
I guess that even painful, the second option would be less troublesome.

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