[WWI] Camouflaged Pfalz D.IIIs??

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 14:35:58 EST 2005

Oh, I didn't mention it, but Heldman's machine doesn't have any 
distinguishing markings at all.  The nose is green as is the spinner.  There 
is no yellow at all on the aircraft.


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>Mikko Saarela wrote:
>>I'd really like to model a camouflaged Pfalz D.III, but it's really hard 
>>to find references. Seems like jasta 10 might have had some. There is a 
>>picture of Jasta 10 ace Aloys Heldmann sitting on the wheel of something 
>>looking a lot like a camouflaged D.III. There's also another photo with 
>>Voss' famous F1 103/17 in the front and a camo D.III in the backround, the 
>>tail behind Voss' triplane and the nose out of picture. A Jasta 10 Pfalz 
>>D.III or at least JG1 plane? That is just about everything I've found.
>>Does any of you listees know anything about these aeroplanes? Serials? 
>>Personal markings? Jasta 10 Pfalzes would have yellow spinners and noses, 
>Hi Mikko:
>Do you have access to Datafile 7, Pfalz D.III? In it are several goods 
>photos of camouflaged D.III's. What is apparent is that the stencils and 
>serials are still visilble on the camo finish. The Pfalz Heldman is leaning 
>on is given as 1395/17, and is on p.6. The camouflaged D.III's did not 
>appear to sport yellow noses at Jasta 4, from what I can see.
>There is also a very useful diagram at the back of the book showing the 
>camouflage pattern in plan and side view. There is a very good photo on p.5 
>of a D.III on its nose, showing the demarcation line clearly between the 
>top colors and the bottom.
>Hope this helps,

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