[WWI] Camouflaged Pfalz D.IIIs??

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 18 14:29:53 EST 2005

Mikko Saarela wrote:

>I'd really like to model a camouflaged Pfalz D.III, but it's really hard to find references. Seems like jasta 10 might have had some. There is a picture of Jasta 10 ace Aloys Heldmann sitting on the wheel of something looking a lot like a camouflaged D.III. There's also another photo with Voss' famous F1 103/17 in the front and a camo D.III in the backround, the tail behind Voss' triplane and the nose out of picture. A Jasta 10 Pfalz D.III or at least JG1 plane? That is just about everything I've found. 
>Does any of you listees know anything about these aeroplanes? Serials? Personal markings? Jasta 10 Pfalzes would have yellow spinners and noses, right?

Hi Mikko:

Do you have access to Datafile 7, Pfalz D.III? In it are several goods 
photos of camouflaged D.III's. What is apparent is that the stencils and 
serials are still visilble on the camo finish. The Pfalz Heldman is 
leaning on is given as 1395/17, and is on p.6. The camouflaged D.III's 
did not appear to sport yellow noses at Jasta 4, from what I can see.

There is also a very useful diagram at the back of the book showing the 
camouflage pattern in plan and side view. There is a very good photo on 
p.5 of a D.III on its nose, showing the demarcation line clearly between 
the top colors and the bottom.

Hope this helps,


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