[WWI] Camouflaged Pfalz D.IIIs??

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 14:27:12 EST 2005

In the Osprey book, Richthofen's Circus, there are a number of Pfalz D.III's 
in profile.  There is one comouflaged.  It is Ltn Heldmann's Jasta 10 
machine.  The serial is D.1395/17.  It's a 2 tone camo that looks to be a 
medium or dark green and a dark mauve.  The underside looks like it's 
probably Pfalz silbergrau or light blue, but it's hard to tell.

Hope this helps.


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>>I'd really like to model a camouflaged Pfalz D.III, but it's really hard 
>>to find references. Seems like jasta 10
>>might have had some.
>Well, the datafile on the Pfalz had one on the cover, and I'd bet that I've 
>seen one on the "Von Richthofen Flying Circus" book as well. IIRC also Bob 
>Pearson did a profile with it.
>The plane was painted in olive and mauve bands, soft edges. Perhaps someone 
>with the datafile at hand can answer more accurately.

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