[WWI] Aftermarket Questions

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 18 14:04:19 EST 2005

Bittner Matthew E Contr USSTRATCOM/J81/USAMS wrote:

>I'm looking for the following:
>Photoetch ammo belts.  I scratched the drum for the inside of the MoS Type AC and would like to "spice it up" with an ammo belt.

Hi Matt:

For the ammo belts, PART set 72-164 Parabellum. There are several nice 
lengths of ammot to wrap aroung the drum.

>MoS Type N seat, resin or photoetch.

How about PART set 72-210 (WWI Seats) or Eduard 72-361 (WWI Seats) for 
seats, Eduard set 72-331 (WWI French Seat Belts). IIRC the seat is the 
low backed one. Belts are the wide ones. hth.

>In addition, once my modeling motivation returns <sigh> I'm about to start painting the Eduard SPAD.  Who knows, maybe this year I can finish some WW1 models <sigh>.

We have faith in you, Matt! The wait will be worth it, I am sure. ;-)


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