[WWI] Aftermarket Questions

Bittner Matthew E Contr USSTRATCOM/J81/USAMS BITTNERM at stratcom.mil
Fri Feb 18 08:41:08 EST 2005

I'm looking for the following:

Photoetch ammo belts.  I scratched the drum for the inside of the MoS Type AC and would like to "spice it up" with an ammo belt.

MoS Type N seat, resin or photoetch.  I don't necessarily actually want the seat, just want an idea of where to look for it, as I have a lot of aftermarket I can use.  Along that same line, what about belts for the Type N?  This too is for the Type AC - the thinking is that since the "exterior" layout of the AC cockpit looks to be the same as the N, then I would use an N seat for the AC, if you can keep all of that straight.

FWIW, I also photocopied the piece that I scratched for the Strutter 1.B1's bomb "doors" on the sides of the fuselage.  Now to take those photocopies, lay them on brass, and cut out a couple of templates to be used to scribe the door outlines on.  I still would like a photo showing the fuselage underside of a 1.B1.

In addition, once my modeling motivation returns <sigh> I'm about to start painting the Eduard SPAD.  Who knows, maybe this year I can finish some WW1 models <sigh>.

Matt Bittner

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