[WWI] Bedouins Squadron

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 00:32:07 EST 2005

     Happy Birthday Rick G. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks JR! After 22 years with SWMBO I recieved the FIRST OT Gift from her 
EVER! I came home from work to an UN expected box from Squadron! Contents:
The New Kagero book Richthofens's 11
The Roden 1/48th Fokker DVII OAW Early
And finally, a 1/72nd(yes 1/72nd) Roden Albatros DIII
She looked at my latest Squadron Flyer in which I always Highlight Items of 
interest! all in All a very nice surprise!!
Rick G.

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