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Thu Feb 17 16:16:31 EST 2005

Hi everybody...

                      I'm the new kid in the block...  (Well, not so new... I appeared on the list a year or so ago with a couple of questions that were, of course, quickly and wisely answered).
  My name is Ronan Bar (but call me Ronny, as my friends do...) and my hometown is Buenos Aires, Argentina (really down south... We call it "The ass of the world"..!)
  By the way, I'm a friend of the listees Diego Fernetti and Martin Afflitto, and toghether with another couple of friends, we formed what we call the "Argentinian Squadron" (or "Argentinische Staffel" if you prefer...) Just the only four or five (known, by now...) WWI enthusiasts among the 38 plus million people living in this country.
(to be continued...)
ronnybar01 at yahoo.com.ar

Because of problems in Ronny's server I'm retransmiting.

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