[WWI] Nieuport 21 question

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 17 12:53:51 EST 2005

Mikko Saarela wrote:

> And did you notice that the cowling is also wrong! It is Nieuport 16 
> type used with Le Rhône 9J (sometimes also in Nie 17s). Le Rhône 9C is 
> no problem. Eduard puts extra 80 hp Le Rhônes to all of they new Le 
> Rhône a/c kits. The Italian Hanriots kit has one, Nie17 Russian 
> Service has one etc. The right cowling you can get from the new 
> Nieuport 16 Limited edition kit! You won't need it with Nie 16. You 
> can swap theNie 16 and 21engines, too!


No, I did not notice that the cowling is different. Thank you for 
pointing this out. I did order a new engine sprue from Eduard last 
night. I also noticed that the head rest fairing has to be removed, 
which will involve some filling. I will have to work on getting the 
proper cowling.

> Do you have a reference picture of the Mahlapuu machine? I never seen 
> a photo of it, but if it had the mg mounted on the top wing, like the 
> Eduard instructions suggest, it was probably a French built machine. 
> These usually had a big transparent panel in the center of the top 
> wing, just like early Nie 17s used to have. Lufbery's Nie 21 had one 
> and Kruten's probably, too.

No, I was unable to locate a photo of this a/c in any of my refs, tho 
that only being the Datafile Special and the Squadron in Action book. 
Today I will search through my Windsock archives. That is interesting 
about the machines being French built. Fortunately the kit comes with 
that wing as well.

The irony is this was supposed to be a nice, quick out of the box build. 

Thank you so much for your help with this. This List is incredible!!!!


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