[WWI] 7th try: Special Hobby news

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Thu Feb 17 05:04:21 EST 2005

My 7th try with this. Hope it won't be bounced again, since I think you all
will find this interesting:

News from the Nurnberg Expo. Special Hobby future releases. OTs only! You'd
get OD'd even with them! :-)

Hansa-Brandenburg C.1 series 369

Pfalz D.XII early
Hansa-Brandenburg C.1 series 369
Phönix D.1 (Marine version?)
Fokker D.II 'black & white tails'
Fokker B.II series 03.6
Fokker D.III
Aviatik Berg D.I
Lloyd C.V series 82

Morane-Saulnier type N
Hansa-Brandenburg C.1 series 369
Albatros D.III
Nieuport 11 Bebe


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