[WWI] Please try again

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 16 22:55:26 EST 2005

 > On Feb 16, 2005, at 2:10 PM, Karen Rychlewski wrote:
 >> ...and those of us using Macs should do??

Stuart L. Malone wrote:
>...  Reply to one of the list emails 
> that got through to you and see if your response posts.  Let the PC 
> users DOS box themselves to death;)

...and that is exactly what I did to send the question and this message 
too   :-)
We of the true faith carry on

And on an entirely different note: after years of a black hole where 
1/35 WWI trucks should have been, in the last few days two--count 'em 
two--have hit the cyber shelves. A US Mack truck suitable for carrying a 
US 6-ton  tank clone of the FT-17 and a French Berliet in two 
versions--with and without tarp cover. The first I bought from the 
manufacturer at the Scale ModelWorld show in Telford (and apparently at 
a *greatly* discounted price) and the second is already ordered. Diorama 
mama keeps on truckin'
Yeah, I know, finish up the pigeon bus first...

Karen (who's not trying to start up the computer wars again [shades of 
Gaston, eh?] but does her bit to let the world know that we MacPeople 
are still here...can you say iPod??)

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