[WWI] Nieuport 21 question

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 16 21:08:15 EST 2005

Hey Will

   According to Ray Rimell in the latest Windsock there's some crazy guy 
who's building 1:48 rotaries with separate cylinder fins and spacers using 
built-up photo-etched disks!  Unfortunately you'll have to wait 'til he's 
back on his feet, so to speak, to ask him about it.  ; )   Good luck Lance. 
May your step be firm.


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> Hi all:
> Something just occured to me while examining the Eduard Noop 21 kit and 
> photos in the Datafile Special vol.I.
> The kit comes with a 110 hp LeRhone like the Nie.17. The Nie.21 had a 80 
> hp LeRhone 9C, the big difference being the induction tubes mounted at the 
> front instead of the back.
> Great. This means I shall have to find an extra 80 hp engine like the one 
> in the Nie.11 and the new Morane kit.
> Has anyone had success obtaining individual sprues/parts from Eduard?
> Will 

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