[WWI] a morane saulnier pusher? mon dieu!

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 16 20:29:28 EST 2005


   There's a picture in Leo Opdyke's French Aeroplanes Before The Great War 
of a Morane pusher floatplane which is called "Type Biplan" and is described 
as "a Farman look-alike seaplane which flew at Monaco with 'Morane Saulnier' 
painted on the nacelle...also the inscription 'LeRhone'."  Would this be the 
same one?  No other pushers are mentioned. Where on the web did you find 
your reference?


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>i just came across this on the web.
> as many of you know, i have a thing for exotic and unusual pushers.
> apparently morane saulnier built a pusher!
> i had no idea.  (not that that means much, mind you!)
> but in 1913, they were building what they called their "type d", which
> looks a lot like a simplified dh1 or vickers gunbus--but, on floats!
> cool!
> does anyone else know anything more about this?
> iban.

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