[WWI] giving away great real wood for scratchbuilders and detailers

ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu
Tue Feb 15 23:20:44 EST 2005

See attached below:
anyone else have trouble finding real wood, that actually looks like
real wood, to scale?
ever notice that if you find really small-grained wood like the basswood
they sell as scale lumber for train modelers, it looks so consistently
pale-white and detail-less that it could be plastic, you'll have to stain
it anyway, and you might just as well have used plastic and paint and
saved yourself the trouble?
recently, while visiting my bro in colorado, i got some wonderful sheets
of really tight, straight, fine grained cherry wood veneer, courtesy of
dave bilger at b&b rare woods-- www.wood-veneers.com --the usual
disclaimers apply: i have no connection to dave or his business.  i'm
just a *very* pleased customer, and here's why:
i actually went down and met him, and, altho he knew up front that i'm
a modeler just looking for a small batch of wood, he still spent about
an hour with me--took the trouble to find out exactly what i was trying
to accomplish, exactly what i needed, gave me lots of great advice
about wood, talked models (he's just getting into scale trains--maybe
we can convert him to the one true faith before he gets dragged in too
deep and rail-roaded) and went digging thru a bunch of options in his
huge inventory until he found the perfect wood for us wood and canvas
aeroplane types.  and on top of all that first class service, his prices
are *great*!

it's a particularly good batch of cherry (we went thru a lot of the cherry
he had to find this).  it has a dark, reddish brown tint that looks like a
mahogany or teak wood colour in 1:48 or 1:72.  it has just enough grain
and colour variation to give the wood grain effect that we all strive so
hard for with our brushes, and unlike bass or birch softwoods that are
often sold to us modelers, it's a hard wood, which means it shows no
pores at scale sizes, and will take a really hard, clear polish with micro-
mesh, and show crisp, well defined corners, edges, routings, and details.

i liked it so much, i picked up some extras, with the list in mind.

if anyone would like to see a scan, let me know.  if you like what you
see, i'd be delighted to pop an envelope sized sample sheet (about
4"x 8" by approx 1/32" (sorry--don't have my micrometer with me)) in
the mail to any of you who have been so helpful to me over the years
in my modeling endeavors (you know who you are) or to anyone else
who'd like to try this out.  this should be several aeroplanes worth of
longerons, spars, ribs, turtledecks, propellers (if anyone actually wants
to try to best marty digmayer's brilliant efforts on their own) etc.  at
1/32nd of an inch thick, with a touch of sanding you've got the equivalent
of 2 inches thick in 1:72, or 1 inch thick in 1:48.  a few slices along a
steel ruler and you've got 1x1's, 1x2's, 2x2's, etc.

i've got about 8 sheets available, so please get back to me promptly (off
list, to avoid the recent server hiccups) if you want some.

a tip of the hat to alan, in the midst of all these router and posting
troubles, for setting up this great list.  all you folks have been the best
thing that's ever happened to my modeling efforts, and it's nice to maybe
have something someone might actually want, to give back to the

all the best,


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