[WWI] Salmson 2A.2

Bittner Matthew E Contr USSTRATCOM/J81/USAMS BITTNERM at stratcom.mil
Tue Feb 15 09:57:07 EST 2005

For those new, or not subscribed through his web site, Jim Landon has finally finished (after about five years) his 1/16th scratchbuilt Salmson 2A.2.  I know I will definitely be using everything he has accomplished as reference for building my models.  In addition, I don't consider what he has done as "building a model", I consider it more along the lines of "completing a replica".  It's truly amazing, and the text from his announcement message follows:

"Yes, believe it or not, after almost five years the Salmson is finally done. I just posted lots of new photos on my web site. Click here:
or if that doesn't work go to:
Then go to section called "My Model: Final assembly"
Then go to page 4.
If you have trouble, let me know.

Matt Bittner

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