[WWI] Udet Fokker DVII question

ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu
Tue Feb 15 07:35:46 EST 2005

A question for the DVII experts:
See attached message below:
Dear Sanjeev,
    My name is Mike and I wrote to you before about Tomasz's Lewis guns...Anyhow I have a quick question for you that I hope you might be able to answer.  I have looked and looked but cannot answer this myself.   I am wanting to model Udet's D.VIII that he flew after the war in mock dogfights.  I know that the tail section was blue, although I do not know what shade.  What I really need to know is what color was the cowl and upper decking forward of the fuselage?  I have searched and searched but can't find the answer.   Any idea's?

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