Subject: RE: [WWI] Avro504k

Shane Weier bristolf2b at
Tue Feb 15 03:12:46 EST 2005


>    The underwings and lower fuselage are painted in Vallejo Model Air 
>'sand'(no 075 - premixed for airbrushing and in a bottle with a nozzle you 
>can count out how many drips you want for mixing of colours. Water cleanup 
>and nontoxic - I rate them very highly - (maybe I should buy shares) Anyone 
>else using them?

Increasingly. Their "clear satin" is actually a brilliant "clear matt" for 
aircraft, and the "clear matt" is perfect for tanks.

I'm experimenting with the wood colours and a PC.10 mix at the moment. They 
spray very nicely, as do the standard Vallejo paints with some dilution


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