[WWI] Avro504k

carpo5 at optusnet.com.au carpo5 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Feb 15 02:28:39 EST 2005

Hi all - thanks for the positive feedback.

And sorry for the slow reply - I had some technical difficulties my end too I
think.I am trying for the 7th time to post this!!!! (maybe you are reading this
for the 7th time too???!

To Mike Muth - the overall aircraft is white - AFC Trainers were painted white to
the orientation of other aircraft more obvious (apparently)
The underwings and lower fuselage are painted in Vallejo Model Air
'sand'(no 075 - 
premixed for airbrushing and in a bottle with a nozzle you can count out how many 
drips you want for mixing of colours.
Water cleanup and nontoxic - I rate them very highly - (maybe I should buy shares)
Anyone else using them?


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