[WWI] Vegemite Whinge

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 16:25:45 EST 2005

Michael says

>And Marmite is not necessarily an acquired taste - Sanjeev, introduced to 
>it for the first time - couldn't stop eating it as we were driving back 
>from the World War One Fly-In in Dayton.

Good for him. He'll grow up all healthy with rosy poink cheeks.

>Balzer kept complaining about the smell - I would have expected a bit more 
>resilience from a retired Marine Corps. Major but there you are.

LOL - I think it's a Marine Corps thing, not just him. I tried to get a 
whole troop of them to eat it on an exercise in the dim distant past but 
they suspected me of attempting some sneaky Aussie joke on them and wouldn't 
(literally) bite


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