[WWI] Vegemite Whinge

Neil Eddy steed_and_peel at iprimus.com.au
Mon Feb 14 09:08:04 EST 2005

Oh come on Michael the marsupials are delicious! Captain Kangaroo is
particularly nice. They do need someone who knows how to cook 'em however -
they are generally quite strong meat...

Then there's "Reef 'n Beef" and "Chicken With Beer Stuffing" (A roast
chicken with a Fosters Can stuck up it - I kid you not!)...

Just as well we've succcessfully absorbed the cuisines of all our settlers
as the "local" cuisine isn't much chop (forgive the pun)....

And I bet that chicken recipe came from Queensland (alongside the famous
potato chip casserole....)

Paint that Strutter CDL as by the thirties the airframe would have been
recovered for sure - and CDL was a cheaper finish than Aluminium Dope....

All the Best

Neil (E)

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> >From: "Neil Eddy" <steed_and_peel at iprimus.com.au>
> >Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:47:30 +1100
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> >Vegemite Smedgimite....
> >
> >The way you lot carry on you'll have 'em all thinking we Australians eat
> >nothing but that stuff.
> I'm sure that's true.  Only last night on "World Traveller" they were in
> Sydney.  The lady visited this traditional Australian gourmet place and
> roast wombat and possum.  Say no more!  If I should visit, I will be
> bringing a large case of full of cans of tuna - no marsupials or widgety
> grubs for me thanks.
> Oh, and I've had Vegemite - it tasted similar to Marmite but more
granular -
> and thus inferiot to Marmite - BUT that might have been because it had
> sitting in Karen Rychlewski's purse for a few months.  And Marmite is not
> necessarily an acquired taste - Sanjeev, introduced to it for the first
> - couldn't stop eating it as we were driving back from the World War One
> Fly-In in Dayton.  Balzer kept complaining about the smell - I would have
> expected a bit more resilience from a retired Marine Corps. Major but
> you are.
> So, I suppose I will have to paint this Soviet trainer in silver-dope.
> Michael

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