[WWI] FW: Vegemite

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 13 23:17:18 EST 2005

Aidrian says

>Two slices of white bread, both buttered and liberally smeared with
>vegemite, then fill the sandwich with as many plain potato chips as you can
>get between two slices of bread and still get your mouth round it.

Ooooow, hunger pang!

Been trying to think where to take SWMBO for dinner tonight, but that sounds 
like a better St Valentine dinner than any pay establishment will provide.

>Now that is cuisine for real blokes. Some people might use sour cream and
>chives chips instead of plain, but only in those poofter bars where they
>sell beer by the bottle

Egg zackly. As Lorna says "Accept no substitutes"   Especially poncey ones.

<Off to buy some plain potato crisps>


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