[WWI] Bedouins Squadron

brian riedel abriedel at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 13 22:02:38 EST 2005


I'm looking forward to it.  If one keeps finding new and different 
interests to pique his curiosity, then age is almost irrelevent.  This 
hobby (or obssession, if you will)  always keeps me
looking for more info, more color schemes, and more piots whose lives 
and exploits fascinate.
And there are always tools to help out once the eyesight and dexterity 
begin to wane. 
That's what 1/48 is for.


Brian Riedel

J.R. Boye wrote:

>   Warren, you must be a fellow aquarian. Insatiable minds, you
>know.Happy birthday. Hope you do as well as I did !
>    And a happy premature birthday greeting to Brian ! So far, 50 feels
>great. How's 51 ?
>J.R. Boye

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