[WWI] FW: Vegemite

Shane & Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Sun Feb 13 21:14:37 EST 2005

Ahh Vegemite,

You can eat it in the ways StE recommends but he missed some other good
ways to eat it - with a slice of good cheddar on a fresh bread roll, on
toast with a poached egg if you want to get fancy but for the true V
experience try this

Toast a piece of bread till both sides are golden brown
Butter one side of the bread, allow butter to sink in
Now spread the Vegemite on the toast - no toast should be seen, true
connosieurs will spread it thickly but it's okay for newbies to start
with a thin scraping and work their way up as the palate becomes
educated. We Vegemite lovers are tolerant.
Take big bites and enjoy lots of it

It must be Vegemite though, Marmite and Promite just don't have the
necessary tang that sharpens the senses and makes you feel alive. Accept
no substitutes!

Mistress Lorna

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