[WWI] DML WWI re-releases?

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 13 18:58:30 EST 2005

Jamie says

>I think these are very well thought out and engineered kits. I like the PE 
>Dr. I cabane struts and undercarriage; they save a lot of potential 
>disasters and a little extra paint will give them a more convincing look. I 
>was less happy with the Spad's PE  struts.

To be fair, the struts on the SPAD kit are all plastic, and only the 
tie-bars are PE. Since they're markedly lighter on the SPAD than the actual 
struts, using PE makes it possible for them to be thinner and still strong. 
A couple of coats of primer and a touch of the sanding stick makes a quite 
convincing result IMO

(I have one of these, three Dr.1's and a D.VII left in my stash. I think I 
sold or swapped about six D.VII's,  a SPAD and a Dr.1 to listees)


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