[WWI] DML WWI re-releases?

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Sun Feb 13 17:36:33 EST 2005

Hi Chris;

I picked up a Spad two years ago, and four of the Dr.I's last year which I 
am mass-producing right now. I based the assumption that the D.VIII was 
still available through Squadron Mail Order a year or so ago. I could be 

I think these are very well thought out and engineered kits. I like the PE 
Dr. I cabane struts and undercarriage; they save a lot of potential 
disasters and a little extra paint will give them a more convincing look. I 
was less happy with the Spad's PE  struts. Watch out for the Dr.I's with the 
Shanghai Dragon logo; they appear to have run the injection moulding cycle 
with too little cooling time; the fuselage halves have caved slightly 
resulting in fit problems along the seams. These problems were not present 
in the original Dragon releases. A little warm water and some careful 
outwards pushing should fix the problem.


>I don't know, but their D.VIII is in the greatmodels catalog as "taking 
>pre-orders".  I just picked up one of their Spad XIII's from ebay the other 
>day.  All I have of their's is that and a Dr.I, which, right now is the 
>only decent kit of the tripe in 1/48.  The roden kit will undoubtedly be 
>fair priced when it comes out, but it'll still be Roden, so there'll 
>probably be some fit issues, like their D.VII.
> The only thing I don't care for in the DML kits are the p.e. struts.  I'd 
> like to see something more 3 dimensional without having to scratch 
> something.
> Chris
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>>I tried to get into this thread earlier but got bounced by the internet in 
>>the sun. DML rereleases one of these kits about annually. The Spad came 
>>out about two years ago and the Fokker Dr.I last year. I believe the 
>>D.VIII was released three years ago; which leaves them right at the D.VII 
>>for this year. I wonder if they will go ahead??
>>>--- Warren Dickinson <wed317 at onlineky.com> wrote:
>>>>Beats me Chris.  They could have had tons a sales a
>>>>few years back if
>>>>they had bothered to re-release them before Roden
>>>>had released their
>>>>D.VII and Eduard got cranked up.  As it is now, I'd
>>>>say "what's the
>>>I was just thinking of how much I'd love to have their
>>>SPAD, last night.

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