[WWI] DML WWI re-releases?

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Sun Feb 13 14:39:41 EST 2005


I tried to get into this thread earlier but got bounced by the internet in 
the sun. DML rereleases one of these kits about annually. The Spad came out 
about two years ago and the Fokker Dr.I last year. I believe the D.VIII was 
released three years ago; which leaves them right at the D.VII for this 
year. I wonder if they will go ahead??

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> --- Warren Dickinson <wed317 at onlineky.com> wrote:
>> Beats me Chris.  They could have had tons a sales a
>> few years back if
>> they had bothered to re-release them before Roden
>> had released their
>> D.VII and Eduard got cranked up.  As it is now, I'd
>> say "what's the
>> use?"
> I was just thinking of how much I'd love to have their
> SPAD, last night.
> Sean
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