[WWI] Revell DrI (and Eduard DrI0

Nigel Rayner nigel at rosnar.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 13 14:07:18 EST 2005

Matt asked:

>All joking aside, I seriously would like to know more about the Revell
kit.  Thanks!

Matt, I built both kits at the same time like Shane. For me, the Revell
kit wins in most departments. The engine and Spandaus are superb, much
better than Eduard. The engine has the intake pipes which the Eduard
does not (even the Profipcack kit has silly etch for these) and looks
much more realistic. The Spandaus are really excellent and do not need
to be replaced with etch (whereas the Eduard ones do). The Revell
interior is a little better (it has the plywood panels moulded on) and
there are neat touches like air valves and the undercarriage
strengthening bars (which was helpful for me as I did one of Jacobs'
planes which had these).

Accuracy of both is pretty good, although the Revell top wings have
rather straight outer edge to the wingtips instead of a more curved edge
(not a major issue). Cosntruction of both is straightforward and very
similar. The only weakness with the Revell kit is the rib detail which
is a bit overdone. They have also done the "sucked in" rib effect under
the wing (which IMHO is more appropriate for the DrI) but have
overcooked it by taking the effect right to the trailing edges and also
putting it on the underside of the ailerons where it is not appropriate.

You can see both in my gallery here


Nigel R

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