[WWI] Fw: Revell Dr.1 - for the fourth %$&*%£! time!!

Andy Bannister andy at warpedplastic.co.uk
Sun Feb 13 12:13:48 EST 2005

I'm just finishing off an old tool (old school?) Revell Dr.1 that I started 
about ten years ago with parts from the new Dr.1. The new one has several 
things going for it, some that are equal to the Eduard kit some that are 
superior. And some that are definitely not as good.

The engine in the new Revell kit is really nice, much better than the 
somewhat anemic Eduard engine and it also includes a seperate intake 
manifold assembly which I believe is completely absent from the Eduard Dr.1. 
I don't have an Eduard kit to hand to directly compare them at the moment 
(and I don't feel like being buried in an avalanche of kits to get one out 
of the closet!) so I'm going off memory here. The Revell cowling is also 
very nice; they've done a good job of capturing that elusive shape, the 
cooling openings are the right size and it has nice engraved detail on the 
front. Equal to the Eduard offering or perhaps slightly better.

The struts are also quite nice in the new Revell kit. Interplane struts are 
nice and thin and have good detail moulded on. The landing gear and cabane 
struts are reasonably thin although I think Eduard has a slight advantage 
here. Bonus points to Revell though for putting tiny "ball joints" on the 
ends of the cabane struts! Even if that isn't quite right for a Dr.1 it does 
give you a bit of play when setting the struts up and it means the ends of 
the struts where they meet the fuselage decking have a nice taper to them as 
they should.

Cockpit detail in the Revell kit is very good, better than Eduard in many 
respects. There's framework, throttle, compass (well, half a compass 
anyway!) and hand pump moulded on the fuselage sides, a reasonable control 
stick, floor, ammunition box with chutes, rear fabric panel and even a cross 
member with instrument on. The seat is the right shape but looks a bit small 
to me. Guns are also very well done.

The fuselage itself is well done and complete down to the locations for the 
elevator and rudder control cable exits and carburettor breather tubes. On 
the down side they've moulded the position of the frame uprights as recessed 
panel lines(?) on the outside for some strange reason. Easy to fix but an 
odd thing to do.

Minor external details like the wingtip skids, step and moulded on control 
horns are nice and delicate. Wheels aren't too shabby either. Markings are 
for MvR (who else??) and Lothar's aircraft which is a welcome change of 

The major drawbacks with the kit, in my opinion, are the wings and 
horizontal stabiliser. The ribs and fabric sag is really overdone and spoils 
an otherwise nice kit. And on the bottom of the wings they've opted for the 
Dragon interpretation of deeply engraved lines making it look like the 
fabric is very saggy indeed. Perhaps the last point is a matter of personal 
taste. I know some people quite liked the effect on the Dragon 48th kits but 
I wasn't a big fan of it and I like it even less in the manly scale. Oh and 
the ailerons look a bit too squared off. On the plus side, the trailing 
edges are nice and sharp and Revell have even included that little window 
over the spar on the top wing.

All in all, not the definitive manly scale Dr.1 but reasonably priced and 
will definitely build up very nice, especially if you just want to bang a 
bunch together out of the box to use up the plethora of Fokker Triplane 
decals that are (or were) available. The wings may well look just fine under 
a couple of coats of paint but I think in that area the Eduard kit is far 
superior. Parts I have hijacked to finish off my old Revell Dr.1 (Kempf's 
493/17) are the cowling, engine, struts, wheels, wingtip skids, axle wing 
and ammo chutes.

Just my two cents/one pence/0.9 rupees worth.

CEO, Editor in Chief, Choreographer, Teaboy

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