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Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Sun Feb 13 11:24:48 EST 2005

Sean states:
"But they're not. :) Or not a separate one from the
accused, surely. And anyone who understands the
language knows this is true." 

     One frequently finds old texts where the Englishmen refer to the
Irish as "the Irish race".  In their thinking, they were a different
race.  I would venture to say that in the early 1800's or earlier, a
marriage between someone who was English and someone who was Irish would
have been viewed as an inter-racial marriage.   I highly recommend
"Cracker Culture: Celtic Ways in the Old South" by Grady McWhinney for
more on this.
   On a happier, and more OT note, we were walking out of
Books-A-Million last night with the March FSM (the one with the Fokker
D.VII build for Jack Hunter) when I looked down and saw Jack Hunter's
"Blue Max" in the cut-rack/remainder bin for $4.95.  Yippee!  I've been
wanting a copy for some long time now.
  Also happy to report that my birthday was celebrated in fine form, the
Romans would have been proud or maybe even left blushing.  <VBSEG>  I am
now having a nice, slow relaxing Sunday resting it off while the rain
pours down outside.  Maybe get some modeling done today.


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