[WWI] Legato kits

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 12 23:22:38 EST 2005

Tom Morgan asks about:
>... the quality of the Legato 1/48 kits? ...

Hey, Doc--why do you even bother looking at kits when you know you're 
gonna end up scratching the whole thing anyway???
But since you asked...
I have three of them: two Lohners and that bizarre Priesel DD. Comments 
apply to all three--
All parts are resin--struts and axles probably should be replaced with 
something stronger.
Small basic PE with wire wheels, dashboard and assorted bits.
Rubber O-rings for tires.
Decals include crosses, serials, and a plethora of teensy serials for 
the struts.
Exploded view instructions and one color profile.
No engines; all three had complete cowling; exhaust pipes are cast as 
part of the cowling and are actually hollow (!)
Fuselage is divided horizontally along a rather sharp angle/corner from 
nose to tail; makes the cockpit very accessible and even some detail 
molded into the interiors.
Hard to check accuracy since all three are really obscure but they look 
moderately OK    :-)
That's the good news. The bad news is that, except for rib tapes on the 
wings, most of the detail is heavy and overdone. Unfortunately, the wing 
surfaces between the ribs are somewhat rough and bumpy so one would 
probably end up sanding all the flying surfaces smooth; the wings 
themselves are left attached to the casting rib at the leading edge. The 
wings, rudders, and tailplanes have good thinness and shapebut won't be 
hurt by sanding off casting blebs and oversize hinges.

I'm pretty sure this is the same plane done in vac by Sierra. At BP50, 
I'd take a pass on it, but just my humble opinion.


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