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>P.S. I see some Aussie cricketer has been found guilty of rascism for 
As an American, I'm not sure of the distinctions.
I thought it was "Pommie Bastard" and "Manky Scots Git"

If the weather isn't too foul this weekend, I hope to be spraying some
paint on some 1/72 Eduard Albatros and various Fokker Dr.I ...
Nice to be building again...

>calling someone a "Pommie git". :)  Worst of all the "Pom" turned out
to be 
>an Irishman:)!

Can't have been in an Australian court. For one thing, we understand
calling a Pom a "Pommy Git" or far more likely a "Pommy Bastard" is a
of endearment, and for another we don't usually make distinctions
the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish when so complimenting them.

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