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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 18:18:43 EST 2005

Neil proves

>(For the record Melbourne has almost no venomous spiders, no box jellyfish,
>only the odd shark {and they are polite}, and several venomous yet very
>genteel snakes. We are also toadless, Fire Antless, and have conquered the
>prickly pear. We have enlightened views towards our less fortunate
>interstate brothers but do insist on the general usage of the more
>traditional and more formal term "Pommy Bastard" rather than the more outre
>(and very Sydney) term "Pommy Git".  Now excuse me Michael, I have cucumber
>and watercress sandwiches to prepare......

...that Nice Tottenham Gentlemen can come from Melbourne too.

Though in his defence he's right about using the correct term - "Pommy 
Bastard" and not the altogether outre Oxford Street fabrication  "Pommy Git"


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