What's wrong with MAC/ was: [WWI] Added:Bristol Scout C and more!

Ross Moorhouse rossmoor at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 11 16:49:25 EST 2005

Melbourne. Rainy one day, Rainy the next. 



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Not to mention also that Brisbane is full of Queenslanders.......
and what spiders are those, Michael?

Is it the bete noir of all Queenslanders, the dreaded Banana Spider?



I remain etc.

Neil E

(For the record Melbourne has almost no venomous spiders, no box
only the odd shark {and they are polite}, and several venomous yet very
genteel snakes. We are also toadless, Fire Antless, and have conquered
prickly pear. We have enlightened views towards our less fortunate
interstate brothers but do insist on the general usage of the more
traditional and more formal term "Pommy Bastard" rather than the more
(and very Sydney) term "Pommy Git".  Now excuse me Michael, I have
and watercress sandwiches to prepare......


Naglo, Pfalz, Naglo, Pfalz, Naglo Pfalz, Albatros.

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