[WWI] MAC is fine to me!

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Feb 11 13:59:15 EST 2005

> What's wrong with MAC kits?

Nothing wrong, I'm sorry if I implied some derisive comment on them. It's
just that their name came to my mind later than the other two.

 > I agree that their Fokker E.IV

That was starting with a left foot, I know. I have the kit and use it to
scare young modelers away.

> and Fokker D.VII Roland D.VIb, Pfalz D.III & D.IIIa, Phönix D.I & D.II

Of them, I've not seen the Fokker first hand, but I agree that all the
others are very nice! The Pfalzes a bit thick on the fuselages, but OK

> I also have the SPAD VII, which I'm looking forward to building - in RFC
> colours of course!

... and we call "Heretic" to Ernie? You are a sick man, Kendix.

> P.S. I see some Aussie cricketer has been found guilty of rascism for
> calling someone a "Pommie git". :)  Worst of all the "Pom" turned out to
> be an Irishman:)!

Injury added to insult!!!!!!!!!!

> the deadly spiders now inundating Brisbane

Shane's family reunion?

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