What's wrong with MAC/ was: [WWI] Added:Bristol Scout C and more!

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 13:44:12 EST 2005


What's wrong with MAC kits?  I agree that their Fokker E.IV and Fokker D.VII 
were surpassed by Eduard and Roden, respectively.  However, I have built the 
Roland D.VIb, Pfalz D.III & D.IIIa, Phönix D.I & D.II, and they are really 
good kits.  A little thick on the trailing edge of the wings but the quality 
of the plastic is high and the molding is good.  I think they are a little 
expensive but I found that if I waited, they come down in price and I was 
able to acquire them for a reasonable amount.

I also have the SPAD VII, which I'm looking forward to building - in RFC  
colours of course!


P.S. I see some Aussie cricketer has been found guilty of rascism for 
calling someone a "Pommie git". :)  Worst of all the "Pom" turned out to be 
an Irishman:)!  Between these misdirected types of insults and the deadly 
spiders now inundating Brisbane (apparently pronounced Briz-bun by the 
natives) households one wonders if they should ever be permitted full 
independence. God Save Matilda!

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>>   Don Ralston sent in photos of his Bristol Scout C,
>>Sopwith Triplane,
>>and his Sopwith Dolphin 5F-1,
>Neat trio, very British!
>The Dauphin is one I'd wish to see it kitted by Roden or Eduard. Even MAC!

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