[WWI] les caudrons m'on fait mal...

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Feb 11 13:44:51 EST 2005

> No, it was painted as if it was covered in aluminum.  The actual covering
> was linen.

"Experiments in aluminium dope".... ;-)
BTW, I've studied once again all the pictures I have on the R11. In many
respects G.6 and R.11 fuselages are related...
-here I'll rant on Caudron fuselages, so, if any listee have a weak stomach,
please leave the room. Thanks-
...These Caudrons, as far as I can gather from the pictures, have a fuselage
that consists on a classic wooden girder box structure, faired at the sides
with stringers much like the Morane or Bristol bullets. The main difference
is the upper plywood fairings wich follow smooth curves and a sort of lower
"keel" fairing made of single-curved plywood sheet. This seems to be made in
three segments: front (up to the lower wing leading edge), middle (underwing
area) and rear (up to the tail).
Hey, I have more to say about these Caudron G/R minutia, but don't want to

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