[WWI] Part - Alb. DIII oef

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Fri Feb 11 02:54:15 EST 2005

G, thanks for the head-up. I got out an ordinary Alb DIII, and yes
the engine is different, in fact better. I think a combination of all
three engines will be the best. The crankcase(corrected) and cam-drive from the
Roden Oeffag Alb, the bigger row of cylinders from the standard Albie,
magneto from the Aeroclub (it's missing on both the Rodens) and make
my own exhausts from brass tube. This is going to be fun.
BTW, I got the Part P/E framework glued up and fitted in the 
glued together fuselage, I hope I can get it out again for painting!  
If I use a plastic crankcase, I can saw slots to make it fit in the p/e
/Neil C.

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Oh! I hadn't checked, it didn't look like an AH engine, so I assumed
it was a Mercedes. I must have another look, perhaps there is another
one lurking, or I got the wrong sprue. 
/Neil C.

>My Roden Albatros Oeffag has Austro-Daimler engine, true, not extremely
>detailed and accurate, but still very different than these Mercedes engines
>from other Roden kits (Alb. D.I-V, Fokker D.VII).

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